Are you ready to awaken your visual muscle?

Do you love visuals?

Visuals are at the heart of our project and work.
We teach them, we use them, we make them.

Data visualization

Our first course is open now:
a dream came true 🙂

After months in the works, lots of thought, energy and love put into it, we are celebrating the launch of our academy, and our first course: the beginning of this exciting project!

Tired of endless reports and documents?

LEARN to communicate key concepts VISUALLY

A course 100% focused on how to visualize qualitative information. It is meant to provide you with plenty of insightful inspiration for you to think more visually about how you present and share information. The course sets the basis for visualizing information, and it brings 30 types of graphs, 36 uses of visuals in reports, all illustrated with many examples.

Discovering Data Visualization was a breakthrough both in career and in life. There was no turning back. Join the course and enjoy 4 hours of videos where I share the 95% of Sara Vaca’s learnings and dataviz work in the last 12 years.

This is Loving Visuals


We provide services of Data Visualisation, so ideas and concepts are made visual to facilitate understanding.


We love visuals but also evaluation, that discipline of knowing if actions and interventions had the expected effects.


Other courses using visual methodology. Have you ever learned accounting or coding or program management using visual materials?