What is Loving Visuals

LOVING VISUALS is a community of people who love visuals.

Our community

We are rigorous and creative. Dreamers.
We are passionate and playful.

We belief visuals are a shortcut and a game changer to communicate key concepts and change (and improve) things.

It hosts an Academy – to foster the use of visuals, and consulting ervices on Data Visualization and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our values

About Sara Vaca

Visuals are the core of our online academy.  Our first training, about how to communicate in a visual manner, is now open for registration!


Sara was born and lived in Madrid (Spain) for 30 years until moved to Malawi, Burkina Faso, Taiwan and France, where she is based since 2011.

She has a B.A. in Business Management, and a M.A. in Non-Profits Management and another M.A. in Evaluation of Programs and Public Policies.

Her background is in Quality Management in the Private Sector (Philips and HSBC) and Program Management with Non-Profits (Red Cross), before becoming a professional Evaluator in 2012 (UN agencies). She is also an specialist in Theories of Change and Strategic Planning. She has been to more than 60 countries, half of them for work.


One of her passions is Data Visualization.
She discovered it in twitter in 2011 and ever since she’s been focused (obsessed?) with exploring synergies between visualisation and other disciplines, and learning while having fun by visualizing important information and concepts.

She is focused now in sharing her knowledge in the Loving Visuals Academy, where other experts will also share their competences and knowledge in any discipline, but using visual support materials.

...It's been a long journey

Thank you so much

It has taken me quite a lot of time and personal development (overcoming my own limiting beliefs) to focus my energy and make this project see the light (longer than an elephant pregnancy!). But it was very important to me. So I am so excited that it is finally a reality :).

Many people has helped me along all the way that I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart:

And to all those who have faith and believe in me Heart Icon, Transparent Heart.PNG Images & Vector - FreeIconsPNG.
Including those of you who will/did boost our confidence by registering to our first training.

To all of you, THANK YOU.