Let our trainings blow your mind

Our online academy teaches you about visuals or other subjects, but always supported by visuals

The concept of Loving Visuals Academy

Loving Visuals hosts an online academy for learning differently: through visuals. 

We offer online, asynchronous courses. About Data Visualization itself, but also about Evaluation and other interesting topics.

And we will partner with other trainers in a variety of subjects.

All with a note in common: supported by visual materials co-created with us 🙂

Exciting, right? 

Our trainings

Visuals are the core of our online academy.  Our first training, about how to communicate in a visual manner, is now open for registration!


Course: “Data Visualization for Reports and Presentations”

Other trainings coming soon

This first training is only the beginning. We have many things planned for you. Take a look and vote if you wish 🙂

We have facilitated and visualized more than 80 Theories of Change, in many different contexts.

We have learned a lot!

And we will be sharing it all soon 🙂

Leave your email if you are interested.

Many of the visuals from Loving Visuals are done in Powerpoint.

So accessible and easy! We will show how.

Leave us your email if you want us to inform you when it opens.

Canva makes things pretty and fast.

It is quite easy. We can share our learnings.

Leave your email if you are interested 🙂

Let us know your ideas

Have you ever learned accounting, or program management, or coding… using visual materials? 
LOVING VISUALS is also a platform for hosting other trainers that will use a visual methodology.

If there is a topic you would like to learn visually and see in one of our supported-by-visuals’ trainings, let us know! 

If there is a topic you know a lot about, and you would like to share it with the world through our platform, let us know!