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Data Visualization for reports and presentations

Mind-blowing inspiration on ideas to make Qualitative Information visual.

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Are you fed up of… WRITING READING … looong, boooring reports?

Data Visualization to the rescue !

Data Visualization communicates information using visual resources, instead of relying merely on text.

Spoiler alert:


You don’t need to know how to draw.
Come and find out!

VISUALIZING is about thinking on how to convey messages using visual resources, instead of only text. For example, you can transform a traditional CV into something much more visually interesting! 

Are you ready to awaken your visual muscle?

LEARN to communicate key concepts VISUALLY

LOVING VISUALS offers you our first training: “Data Visualization for reports and documents”.
A great opportunity to awaken the visual part of your brain, to get inspired and have plenty of ideas of what to visualize and how. Focused 100% on visualizing QUALITATIVE information.

Presentation of this training

What you learn in this course

Advantages of Data Visualization
False beliefs and myths…

Data Visualization and this training are NOT about:

Who needs to communicate visually?

I could have given you the long list of people and actors who could benefit from this training, and explain in a loooong text how and why they could use data visualization, but instead…

We decided to make it visual diagram, including WHO the actor is, WHAT they usually communicate and their AUDIENCES, including the commonalities and differences among them… within a relative small space… You wanna see? Check it out!


Included in this training

This training goes through most of my work of 10 years exploring synergies between Dataviz and other disciplines, like strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation and much more.

Lifetime access to the training from the 14th June

Free updates

More than 3h30 hours of training

5 modules, 20 clases

Captions to each video

More than 30 types de graphs applied to qualitative information

More than 36 different uses

More than 80 exemples

Pdf with course materials (more than 400 colorful and inspiring slides)

Certificate of completion

Access to private LovingVisuals Facebook group

Discounts in future products such as masterclasses (Powerpoint, Canva, others) if you register before the 14th June

Available in English, Spanish or French

Possible to pay in 2 installments

If the price is a real obstacle, drop a line and we’ll explore options

One of the few courses that focus on Qualitative Information, the hardest to visualize…
But you will see, it is possible!

Course Structure

Structure of the training




Thinking visually


Type of Visuals

30 types of graphs adapted to qualitative information


Dataviz uses (+35)




Your trainer

Sara Vaca is a Data (Qualitative information) Visualization passionate and expert.

She discovered Data Visualization in 2011 in twitter, while holding his first born baby Milo (Emma came later).
She saw infographics there and she thought: “I need to use this language”.

She started playing to make visual CVs for her family and friends. She continued challenging herself to make all her homework (M.A. in Evaluation 2012) visual.

Ever since, she has been playing and exploring how to include visual elements in her reports, to make them more engaging, but mostly, to better understand key concepts and better communicate them.

She has been a facilitator and speaker in the past, but now she wishes to share her magic (visual thinking and making muscles) with you, and she is opening up Loving Visuals and all her knowledge and passion.

Join her in the adventure. We are in for a fun ride 🙂

People say about Sara

This is the era of visual communications.
Whether a concept, approach, findings, invitation, promotion, or whatever needs to be communicated powerfully, succinctly, and engagingly — all of which means visually — Sara Vaca is my go-to expert and resource.

"Sara's visuals in the evaluation space, like visualizing qualitative sampling techniques, evaluator competencies, the periodic table of evaluation, and so much more, have been so incredibly helpful for myself and the field of evaluation.
Sara not only makes beautiful visualizations, but she makes the complex simple to understand and reframes things in ways I had not previously thought.
We worked with Sara on helping visualize some elements of our book, and she was able to take what was in our head and visualize it so compellingly. I would take a visualization training from her in a heartbeat!"
Everyone does not learn in the same way, with varying degrees of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning occurring. However, of these three senses, vision is by far the most influential for adult learning.

Sara Vaca understands and capitalizes on this in her work, helping others to effectively visualize not just data, but concepts, processes, and other key points to achieve learning and communication objectives. I know this firsthand, having had the pleasure of working with Sara before.
I worked with Sara on a few occasions and all of them were fun!

Most memorably we worked together on a set of visuals about presenting different kinds of scales in evaluation.

I was really impressed how she managed to present the ideas really simply without any distracting fluff. Looking forward to working with you again soon Sara!
Sara helped me in just 2 hours to describe my entrepreneurial project in a simple and visual way using the decision tree.

The result was astonishing. I now know how to explain, without getting carried away for hours, what my company brings to the world!

Her talent lies in her ability to ask the right questions and translate them into words, diagrams, and drawings, making it easy to understand the topic at hand with just a glance or a few slides in visualization.
Sara provides remarkable insight into her work, to her clients, and to all interested in positive social change. While many are able to do this with diligent consultancies, few are able to communicate in ways that are clear and effective and share often complex data into accessible and informative visuals.

Her approach deepens understands so that strategic decision making can build on the information provided. All of this translates into efficiency for clients and effectiveness for the field.
Sara Vaca not only conveys her passion for data visualization from the very beginning but also manages to convince you of the need to incorporate this technique in evaluation.

For EJEs like me, Sara sets an example to follow with her clear commitment to innovation, and her motivation and dynamism are a source of inspiration.

Ease of understanding, positive impact on the client, engaging reading, and innovative reports/documents would be the characteristics I would highlight about the results of including "loving visuals" in my work.

It is a highly recommended experience for anyone who wants to add an extra touch to their professional results. Loving Visuals is the added value that every company seeks to find in its skills. Without a doubt, it is worth it.

I practice consultancy work linked to action research, which is complex and difficult to grasp, and for a long time, I struggled with the challenge of simplifying and making it accessible, without even imagining the possibility of visually pitching the concept someday.

That is until Sara made the presentation intelligible in and of itself. That is her excellence in action: making processes and methods readable and easily understandable through astonishing visual fluidity.

Since then, I communicate much more easily (and proudly) in my presentations and business proposals. Sara has greatly helped me with the presentation and breakdown of all aspects of my offer. Sara's power in this field is limitless.

Sara Vaca's infographics have been accompanying me for the last ten years, like treats for the mind.

Many colours and shapes to help you understand evaluation in a whole new way, with a remarkable ability to produce a synthesis. I've used her materials frequently for university courses, and the feedback I've received from students has been excellent.

There's no doubt that this ability to summarise and communicate will make the platform a fantastic learning tool for all new and experienced evaluators alike.
Sara is a joy to work with,
her ability to get you
the right visuals
is amazing.
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